Sunday, August 28, 2011

The annual balloon festival in our small town was this past weekend.

Weather was beautiful!

These two little cuties conned someone out of their umbrella so they could have a fort on the balloon field.

The big boys hanging out and walking around on their own...under subtle watch of us parents.

They like thinking they have "all this independence." We love the neat kids they keep as friends!

The annual kids' football game while waiting for the balloon field to fill up with trucks and trailers.

And they have arrived! Here they are unloading their baskets.

The lead balloon is going up and spectators love to crowd around to watch. Jenna was pretty freaked out by the fire shooting up into the balloon, and when the balloon started tipping in our direction!

Firin' up!

And she's off! There was a decent breeze, so it didn't take long for her to fly away.

The other balloons quickly followed suit. Aren't the colors beautiful? Unfortunately, only 7 balloons total went up this year, compared to over 20 last year. Apparently, the wind up high was pretty strong and the other balloons didn't want to risk it.

What a crew! Can't get into too much mischief when you're right in front of the fire & rescue (and the police and ambulance were right beside them!).


ahusted said...

This is something I look forward to all year and to be able to share it with such wonderful people (friends) and to know our boys are in the company of other Christ centered kids makes it perfect. What a perfect way to end the summer.

Kristin said...

Beautiful balloons and kids. I miss the balloon festival we used to go to in New York. It was always one of my favorite parts of summer.