Thursday, August 25, 2011

The End is Near

Not that I'm into prophesying, but I do know without a shadow of a doubt, that the summer is quickly coming to an end. As a matter of fact, this weekend for our family is IT!

School starts, much to their chagrin, on Monday...bright and early.

Well, we may not feel "bright," but we will be up early.

The only one off the hook is Laura. She gets one more week of playtime.

But we're ending on a good note.

Last weekend we watched a floatdown. Tons of people on rafts, in kayaks, or just floating on their own, down the river.

Then we hosted a family BBQ for my Monday night ladies' group/Bible study group.

There were a bunch of kiddos, all having a great time! Such good friends and sweet souls.
A couple of us were even talking about arranging marriage between a couple of them...just joking...we'll wait a year or so...:)

The men had a chance to talk...rarely happens. I wish they could get together more to support one another. Being a husband/dad/head-of-household is no easy task!

And of course we women always have plenty to chat about...we never seem to run out of things to share no matter how often we meet!

Then it was a trip to the zoo with Daddy, and their cute baby cousin.

Jacob, Jenna, and their little prairie dog friend.

Jacob, Charlie, and the chubby little prairie dog who doesn't seem to want to budge!

While most of the kids are not looking forward to starting another school year, one little missy is raring to go! Give her a few days... she'll get the hang of that oh-so-pitiful-back-to-school face.

A few more days of fun, including a beautiful hot air balloon lift-off tomorrow and a BBQ at a friend's house with fireworks, and then it's down to business!


Cheryl said...

It was a fun evening - Thank you, again! Seeing the kids play and our guys fellowship was a blessing. Maybe we can all make a date to see "Courageous" in October...

Jenny said...

So fun!!! What grade is Jenna in?? We started Lauren in Pre-K. ;)