Monday, August 29, 2011

School days, school days...

5:30 AM came early for me this morning. And the kids staggered out at 6:30. Any other morning they would have been up by now playing. Guessing school may have been a determining factor in their grogginess. But they all were ready to go by 8AM. Homeschool grade levels are always vague since they do a variety of work, but basically Jacob is in 6th, Amarin 4th, Laura 1st, Charlie K, and Jenna Pre-K.

Today we did some art...nothing major as this is NOT my forte. But coloring is art, right? This is their character trait chart. They pick a trait on which to work, and then we add stickers to the path as they find success!

Jacob's art project for a while will be his memory/scrapbook of his Father/Son trip to California last April. He enjoyed reminiscing as he started organized over 200 photos!

Amarin had Thai this AM for 1.5 hours. His teacher said he's doing great and remembers a lot.

Yeah! And he really enjoys it. I'm so thankful to have found a teacher to help him with his native language.

Laura has one more week before Ms. Mary puts her to work. We're so glad she'll be back...we missed her!

Math has a new look for Jacob this year. I had to relinquish my role as his primary math teacher, and hand it over to a DVD teacher. He's doing pre-algebra, and I really want him to understand math, not just "do" the work. So far he likes it. Of course, it has only been one day...

Oh, and he also said that he likes this year's teacher better than last year's. Um...I think that's a compliment...

Little Mei Mei loves to string beads and make necklaces...for everyone. She still has blanket time for 1/2 hour at a time so I can work with the older kids.

The morning wouldn't be complete without a snack. Do you remember having snack time at school? Me neither. But my kids vow that they will perish if they don't eat something at 10AM.

Mom, I am so not into this school thing.

OK, well lunchtime is good.

And, of course, there is recess!

And one of their favorite times of the with a sibling.

Today, Charlie and Amarin got to spend time together doing an activity of their choice.

Yes, I know the weather outside was beautiful, but PS2 won out!

Can't complain when they're having fun together!

And Jacob spent time with Laura...feeding her a snack, taking her for a walk, and playing cars on my bedroom floor together.

I think it was a pretty successful 1st day of school! On to day 2!


Cheryl said...

Caused me to reminisce...seems a lifetime ago, now! ENJOY!! :)

Kristin said...

Did you miss the school day routine just a little this summer? I know I did!

ahusted said...

Sounds like your first day of school was fantastic. Oh, 5:30am seems so early without being able to go back to bed. What obedience. I sure would like to know where you got the character trait art stuff.

Karin said...

So glad you had a great first day! We start next week but we don't homeschool because I am useless as a teacher. Sigh.... I had big hopes but failed miserably.