Thursday, September 22, 2011

New digs for the girls

Deep breath, please. And this day is done.

Let's see...homeschooled 3 kids before 10,

...packed a special diet lunch

...pounded in garage sale signs around our area

...made dinner ahead of time so we can eat as soon as we get home tonight

...dropped two boys off at friends

...oops...quick stop at the bank...almost forgot change for the garage sale

...drove one hour to get Laura's new braces fitted

...waited 1.5 hours for them to make necessary changes (they do a great job!)

...drove like a crazy mom to the medical building 9 miles away because we're running late

...prayed for a convenient parking spot in a crazy busy parking structure

...thanked Jacob again and again for helping with two girls in strollers

...waited 1/2 hour for Jenna's appt.

...rebuked the (moron) gal who showed us to our room who assumed Jenna's case

...comforted a sobbing Jenna as the dr. took off her bandages...she was so scared

...informed the dr. about comments from prementioned moron

...checked out and headed for an icecream treat for everyone

...and didn't find one until we were almost home!

...picked up two boys and a bushel of tomatoes that I need to can this weekend

...came home and threw dinner in the oven

...organized a few more things for the garage sale

...fed everyone dinner

...helped Jacob care for the neighbor's cats

...gave the boys haircuts

...showered Char

...washed Jenna's foot that's not bandaged and rubbed lotion on her dry little leg

...gave the girls vitamins for their colds

...tucked little ones in for the night

...prepped Laura's clothes and lunch for school tomorrow

...cleaned up kitchen

...and soon, I will fall into bed.

Just thankful that I'm able to do all of this, have a van that runs well, friends that are around the corner to help, professionals that are great at their job (minus the moron), easy prep meals, and warm weather to be out and about.

And, now, just look at these girls with their new braces and cast!

Laura's braces are great. One is a little taller than the other now to help her use both legs equally. And now we get to go shopping for new shoes since she has bigger braces!

As for Jenna Mei, she chose a bright yellow cast. I couldn't believe that she didn't pick pink or purple! But she was sure she wanted yellow, so that's what she got! Her feet look great, are much less swollen than the dr. had anticipated, and are healing very well. She should be out of her cast in one month. She's afraid to walk on her feet even though the dr. told her she could. But she's scooting all over the floor, and down stairs. It won't take her long, I'm sure.


Kristin said...

Glory! That's a lot for just one day. Jenna needed sunshine yellow to match her smile!

ahusted said...

Whoa slow down lady, you're making us all look bad. Just kidding - just show us all how you do it. Jenna and Laura look so sweet and what a sweet son you have to help you and his two sisters out. I too like the yellow cast. Good choice Jenna!!! :)