Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Purge & Fundraise

Oh, it is time to purge our home...again.

We are moving, but more on that later. One day/post at a time!

But we also have friends bringing home two sweeties from Russia who have designer genes!

Garage sale time with two purposes...purge and fundraise!

Charlie sat in his corner, in charge of water sales. Unfortunately the weather was more suited to selling hot cocoa and coffee. He sold 3 bottles...2 were to Daddy.

During the down-times, Amarin drew...

Jacob read...

and Charlie sipped hot tea.

Jenna helped out with water sales on day two.

Laura was her cute self...until she started pulling everything off the tables!

Can't you just see the stinker-look in her eyes?

Finally, on day 2, the sun came out and warmed the air.

I knew I was in good hands with all of these protectors in the vicinity...especially the one wearing the swim mask and snorkel!

Don't you just love kids and their imaginations?


Kristin said...

Moving so many times has made me a minimalist, but the same cannot be said for my children. They held a yard sale this summer to raise money for summer trips to grandma's house. They did a really good job! (Who wouldn't want water regardless of the temperature with those two cashiers!)

ahusted said...

It so looks like you had a good time despite the weather. Oh and I so love the picture of the kids playing. Memories......