Thursday, September 8, 2011


We are home, and Jenna is recovering beautifully from her foot surgeries.

Let me tell you...she is one optimistic, bubbly patient.

For days ahead, she was excited to get her silly medicine, and for this whole experience.

The night before, she had her bunny purse, teddy bear, and backpack (stuffed...such a packrat) in anticipation.

And here she is with Daddy at the entrance of the hospital.

The bear was there to greet us, and per the nurse at check-in, the guy who took this photo was the VP of the hospital. Royal treatment for the princess.

After charming the gals behind the check-in desk, and receiving her new yellow bear, we made it in record time to a pre-op room.

She put on her "prilly" dress, hopped up onto the bed, and proceeded to smile at everyone that walked by her room. She also made it known to everyone that came into her room that she was ready for her ride (on the rolling bed), her big medicine, and that the dr. was going to throw her extra bone into the garbage. She even cleared this with the dr. when he came in to see her before surgery. I'm sure he's glad that she reminded him what he was to do.

This bone right here, dr. That goes into the garbage.

This was one of the many nurses she charmed during her stay.

Waiting for her turn to go into surgery. There was a baby in the next room that went in before she did, and we knew we'd be waiting a while. They were about 2.5 hours behind schedule. Thankfully there was a t.v. to keep her occupied. Even with getting very hungry and tired of waiting for her turn, she did very well.

This was taken before she even had her silly medicine!

Reading with Daddy to pass the time.

Watching t.v., and putting on her "lipstick."

She went into surgery at 12:30, escorted by 4 doting nurses who all promised her an extra long ride to the surgerical room, complete with a spin, for waiting so patiently. All smiles, she waved bye to us and off she went. The girl goes where the fun is!

80 minutes later the dr. came out and (after watching the Tigers hit a grand slam on the tv) informed us that her surgery was very successful...oh, and that she charmed everyone in the operating room. Do I see a pattern here?

A few minutes later, a worker asked just me to come back to the recovery room. Apparently Jenna was very upset. Of course, the first thing I think of is that she thinks she's abandoned again. I couldn't get there fast enough to reassure her. Poor thing was crying so hard while trying to drink a baby bottle with glucose water. She was hungry, waking up from anesthesia, alone, and obviously in pain. They gave her two more doses of meds but they didn't touch the pain. So, off to a room in the pediatric wing for pain management.

Thank God for morphine! She settled and slept for an hour. See her little bear? His feet were bandaged just like hers while in surgery.

It was decided that she and Mama would spend the night at the hospital just in case the pain came back intensely, and morphine would be close. But she didn't need it. She breezed through the night, ate like a trooper at dinner and breakfast, downed some sugary cereals and popsicles, and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Once again, she charmed the food delivery person enough that the lady brought her back a strawberry shortcake for dessert. Seriously? No wonder she said she didn't want to go home yet!

While waiting for the guys to pick us up, we went for a ride around the pediatric floor. First class ride in her private wagon.

Now that we're home and reality has kicked back in, we have to keep her off her feet for 10 standing, walking, weight bearing of any kind. Can I get some morphine for my back?


Debbie Sauer said...

Glad things went well and her pain was kept under control. It's so hard seeing out babies hurt. She is so precious and I hope she heals quickly. Keep us updated. Blessings.

Kristin said...

We always had to wait a long time for Avery's procedures because he was older, but while we waited he usually entertained all the younger kids (which he loved). Praise God the surgery went well, and now prayers for you as you help her in days ahead!

Michelle said...

That picture of her, crying because of the pain.....makes her Auntie Mickey want to promise her a pony!!!!!! Bless her!!!!

Karin said...

Oh my word..I know what you mean! My kids get treated like royalty in the hospital and they actually LIKE going! I guess it's a good thing. But seriously--they get everything they could possibly want and it is worth a few needle pokes apparently. :) Glad it went well for your sweetie. She is SO ADORABLE!!!!

Chrissy said...

I know how hard it is to send your baby into surgery and then have her sick and scared afterwards. With Lila's procedures I worried that it was causing flashbacks to the medical care she received in a China when she had no one there to comfort her. I'm so glad you were there for your little sweetie and let her know how much she is loved!

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

What a sweet little charmer! And I'm jealous of the strawberry shortcake at the hospital. : ) So glad that she's doing well! She has a great family to dote on her now.