Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

My baby boy is 6. Doesn't that sound older? 5 still sounds little, but 6 sounds like he's growing up.

Anyone found the key to keeping kids little?

Char was very happy about his birthday and was smiley all morning.

He thought his birthday card was cool...with Star Wars stickers!

His favorite gift of the morning...his "Ipod."

I can just read this thoughts...this is a mom gift...looks like a fancy way to disguise school...

Hmmmm...what could it be?

Why, it's the armor of God! Eph. 6:11

Amarin made Char a pop-up, Star Wars card.

Jacob found a bionicle for him.

This was the look of the day. Daddy downloaded VeggieTale Praise and Worship music for him.

Not sure about the rest of you, but I'm likin' this idea. Not that I don't enjoy a bunch of vegetables singing...all day...every day...

It's a special day...headphones allowed during meal time.

Later, family and friends came over to celebrate Char and Amarin's birthday. Amarin's isn't until November, so more on his later.

Grandma and Jenna

Note the guys on Char's cake. He decorated it himself...and it looks like they just landed in quicksand!

Happy boys...can't remember what was so funny!

Blowing out their candles!

Happy birthday, Char. We love you so much and you are growing to be such a funny, smart, and loving little boy!


Cari said...

and Happy Birthday to Charlie, too! :) 6 is getting older, but man I feel old now that Cami has her permit...ack!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!!

Looks like you had a great day!!

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

Happy 6th birthday, Charlie! It's evident that you are such a blessing to your precious family. May the coming year be full of special blessings!