Thursday, October 20, 2011

Perfect Piggies

Last week Daddy signed Jenna's cast. Her first signature. I'm just not big on writing all over a cast. But it was time because today the cast was coming off!

Today we headed to the dr.'s office, ready to get this thing off and wear two "prilly" shoes.

She brought her bag with another ruffly sock and her other patent shoe.

We watched videos online about getting the cast off, the saw thing-a-ma-bob, the noise, etc. She was in tears last night, not wanting it to be removed. But today, with her brothers standing around, she was as brave as could be, and even giggled because it tickled her toes.

This gal did such a fine job. She was a bit nervous, we could tell. But was very sweet and efficient.

Next, she cut the fabric that was below the cast.

Done! But boy was her leg itchy! She had such dry skin on her leg, and she itched and itched it so much, I think 1/2 of her skin cells were left in the office!

The dr. came in and gave her the all-clear. No x-rays, no follow-up needed. Just go home and play in the bath tub (finally no more baths in the kitchen sink), clean off that leg, and put on some lotion. I think I'll go with straight coconut oil!

As we waited for the dr., we looked outside. We are sure that those were little snowflakes falling...or awfully white raindrops!


Kristin said...

Yay for no more cast! Snow?!? Yikes!

Jean said...

Yay Jenna! What a brave girl you are!!

We are so excited for you- no more casts! No more baths in the sink!!


ahusted said...

Good job Jenna! She is such a brave soul and has such a vibrant spirit.