Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Big Snow of the Season

We're not talking about a monster snow storm, but certainly enough to close a few area schools, cover every inch of tree limb with sticky white, and raise the excitement level of this household to the max. in contemplation of sleds and snowmen.

Jacob and Amarin were "lucky" enough to brave the weather they hauled a ton of garbage to the curb. They came in quite chilled. Guess they'll remember to wear their heavier coats next time.

The two littles squirmed all morning, working on school. FINALLY, they were cut loose, bundled, and frolicking in the fresh snow. They sure made tracks...literally!

They are so cute all bundled!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Preparing for Thanksgiving

We are preparing for Thanksgiving, but this year seems unbelievably easy.

No food to prep, no house cleaning, nothing.

So, we're having fun with some crafts. The kids love crafts, and I love finding ideas on the internet that makes me appear to be quite a "crafty" mom!

I found some Thanksgiving vocabulary words to help Charlie with his reading. He cut them out and glued them on big paper.

Jenna's learning to color by number. Following directions is important, so once in a while we skip over the creativity of art, and just follow directions.
Then we all wrote words on paper feathers, telling for what we are thankful. We cut out our feathers, and glued them on to a turkey that Jacob drew.

Jenna loves to cut with scissors!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Isn't that a cool date to write? And what's even cooler is that at 4:35 AM this morning, Amarin turned 10 years old. Yes, double digits. He was so excited, though he kind of wishes he was turning 11 today...just to have fun with the numbers. I said NO! You're growing up fast enough!

Sleepy morning eyes. C'mon, mom, I'm not awake yet!

Charlie explained his picture that he made for him.

Amarin has been wanting a "real" Bible, because he's almost done with his story Bible. He took it with him in the van and kept asking me for Bible verses to look up. His story Bible doesn't have chapter and verse numbers like this one. He said he could take this one to church to follow what the pastor was reading. And this was the only book he wanted for his rest time today. I'm so glad he enjoys the adventures!

Anther bionicle from Jacob. Can't have too many of these guys, huh?

Laura kept walking in front of my lens...look at me, mom!

And finally, he has his own MP3.

Amarin wanted to go to the Rainforest Cafe today. One of his little siblings did not want to go for fear of the animals, but had no choice. The other didn't know what it was all about.

We sat down before any noise started and all was well...

until the noise started. Jenna had tears, Charlie had big eyes, Laura was grabbing me during the thunderstorm, but after a little reassurance and glances at other kids that weren't freaking out, they decided they were going to eat lunch, and not BE lunch. Nervous Nellies watching the gorillas!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's Cookin' Wednesday

Today is Wednesday, right?

And I just realized that I missed sharing a favorite recipe last week.

We were on the road.

But here's one for today, and I have to say...the kids and I LOVED it.

Next time I must double, or triple, the recipe.

And before you get all "weirded out" by the recipe title, let me tell you, it tastes like Thanksgiving dressing. As we ate it, Jacob and I kept trying to figure out the taste, and by golly, we did it. Thanksgiving dressing...or stuffing...whichever you prefer.

Bulgar Wheat Pilaf

I followed the recipe exactly, and it was very easy, healthy, and delicious. Now I just need to find a place that sells bulgar wheat. My favorite little shop recently closed.

Feel free to link up your blog, and post a favorite recipe of your own!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So, we're moving...

Yes, we are moving. By now, family and friends know that you NEVER write our address in your book with pen. Because we don't seem to stay in one place for very long. However, if pencil is used, a hole is probably worn from erasing so much. We have owned this home for 6 years, and this is the longest we've been in one place. Yep. And we've been married 17 years. Lots of moves. Lots of changes. Lots of fond memories. Lots of adventures. It's a good thing we both embrace change and adventure!

But the process of moving is never one of my favorite things. It's that limbo state...getting info on the new area, while keeping things "normal" at home, making appts. to get the house in order, while trying to find a new home, purging the house of unused stuff...again. Ugh. It's enough to jumble a brain. We keep telling day at a time...just one day at a time.

The past 6 days were spent on the road mostly...driving to the new hometown, visiting schools, familiarizing ourselves with the area, looking at houses. Whoever decided to put DVD players in are one of my favorite people of all time! The kids were troopers, and actually enjoyed visiting schools and house-hunting. Might I add that our realtor is very kind taking a family of 7 house-hunting? And I wonder how many potential neighbors hit the floor praying that 5 children would not move in next door? I can just see them peeking out their windows..."Oh, no. Not that family!"

But it was a good trip, and I think we found a school for Laura. I had anticipated only seeing two schools. Not many options for children with Laura's needs. We visited the first school, and before I could say anything in the van, Jacob said, "Mom, I don't feel right about this school." I agreed. I didn't know why exactly, but I just didn't have a peace about it. So, off to school #2...praying this would be THE school. It was my last option. Nope. Again, not sure why I didn't have a peace about it, but I didn't. Maybe I was basing it on what she had now...and that was going to be tough to beat!

I decided to call another school that I originally tossed out of the mix, and lo-and-behold, they could get me in that afternoon for a look-see. And the principal toured us, too. Peace! I knew this was the right school for her, even though the teacher wasn't even there...out sick. We went back yesterday to meet the teacher before heading home, and she was wonderful...introducing the other students, showing me how they use the Ipad (I'm so out of it!), and almost all the kids had a one-on-one aide. They mainstream with age appropriate peers for art, music, and lunch. And the best part? Before we left, Laura had already made a little friend. They were giggling together as the smacked the Ipad to watch the pictures change. The little girl was Laura's height, and seemed to be on the same level as Laura. She even tried following Laura out of the room, while Laura was waving and smiling back at her. So sweet!

We left feeling like we had accomplished something and it was a good feeling.