Friday, December 30, 2011

All By Myself

We have this routine. Each kiddo gets his or her own color drinking cup each day. They use it all day, and keep the cups lined up on the counter so they can reach them when they need a drink.

Laura has obviously been watching this for a while.

Yesterday, she kept knocking everything off the counter near the drink cups...including a coffee mug. Thankfully, it didn't break!

It finally dawned on Jamie and me that she was trying to get her own drink like the other kids.

So, we put her cup really close to the edge, and she's been walking to the kitchen counter all day to get her own drink! I never thought I'd be this excited to see one of my kids getting their own drink!

OK. Now what do I do with it? We have lots of puddles on the floor since she's not putting it back on the counter, but we don't mind! We love seeing each new little bit of progress...all at her own pace.


Kristin said...

Yay Laura!!! Do you think they make Laura's outfit in Anni's size? She's coveting over here.

ahusted said...

Wow Laura - that is awesome! Thank you for sharing, she is so dear to all of us and we love to hear about the new things that happen.

Chrissy said...

She did it! You just got a prayer of Thanksgiving for that wonderful little girl and a prayer to protect you all during the move and for an easy adjustment for all to the new home. When is Jenna's first year home anniversary? Isnt' that any day now too?

Sally-Girl! said...

We color coordinate everything, towels, cups, plates, bowls, placemats! It's the only way I can keep some sanity around here!!