Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fa la la la la....

Disclaimer for my kids' may not want to read this one until after Christmas!

Hint, hint!

The Christmas music was playing (loudly per Daddy), and we got to work making gifts for teachers, bus drivers, and our mail lady. The big boys are in charge of this task...'cause flour and other fly-away ingredients are involved. I'd rather it look snowy outside rather than inside!

Amarin couldn't wait to start, and was actually trying to convince Jacob to "spend nice time with Daddy on the computer" and he would do all the "work." Such a sweet brother.

Add a few more ingredients before big brother catches on to his scheme.

Ha! He caught on and joined in on the festivities.

Preparing the final product...oatmeal cookies in a jar. This was the first time we've ever made these, and they turned out so pretty! I just love homemade presents, especially something that can be easily used.

Another activity the kids enjoy is opening the doors to our Advent calendar. Behind each door is a magnetic character from the Christmas story.

And this year, I'm hiding a character from our unbreakable manger scene around the per day. They have fun trying to find them first!

And, as tradition, we ended last night with The Polar Express. We just love the movie. And how fun to have our whole family at home this year to watch it. Jenna, of course, could not sit still during the musical parts. The girl just has to wiggle and sway!

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