Friday, December 9, 2011

Final Santa Photo?

I finally have one.

A photo of all my children with Santa...and no one is screaming.

Poor Char. He has always had a horrible, horrible fear of Santa...and the Easter Bunny...Disn*y characters...R*nald McD*nald...whoever. If he even thinks a character might be in the building, he's on the look-out and in panic mode.

But something happened today, and he decided last minute to "be brave" and get close for a picture. He even fist-bumped Santa.

And Jacob. Well, Jacob decided last minute, too, to join the photo. Because he's "in the know" now.

Laura and Amarin? Well, they were cool as cucumbers about the whole thing.

Jenna had to be reminded several times to wait her turn in line because she was so crazy excited to talk to Santa and sit on his lap. She just wanted to bypass the babies in line to get to the jolly 'ole guy!

I'm thinking this may be my last Santa photo with all the kids. Or maybe not.


Michelle said...

My cousin Sarah posted a picture of her just turned 2year old and her recent visit with St. Nick. There she is...on his knee...LUNGING toward her mama...mouth tore open in terror. Sarah also posted the child's verbal reaction..." cry!" Good time!

ahusted said...

Your kids are so darn cute. You know those great aunts that want to pinch the kids cheeks, well, I'd be the one who'd just want to hug and hug, and hug. So darling!

Chrissy said...

Jenna looks gorgeous in purple! I love that skirt. Is is handmade?