Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Their Tree

Tree day!

No, Amarin, the skirt belongs on the tree...not you!

Jacob, ya gotta start thinkin' outside the box, buddy.

My little helpers. It seems like Jenna has been here so long, I almost forget that this is her first Christmas.

Sorting through all the Santa hats.

One of the best parts is looking through all of the ornaments and memories they hold.

Gazing at the tree. If only she was content in that, rather than picking off ornaments!

How many ornaments can kids fit into one tiny area of the tree?

Their finished tree...they sorted and assembled the branches, tested the lights (how many strings did we throw out this year?), and hung the ornaments. We finished the night by watching Santa Paws...sweet movie...sweet memories.


ahusted said...

Such a beautiful family picture. Finally all the kids together in front of the tree.

Jan Drogosch said...

I truly enjoyed going through your entire blog...such beautiful children and beautiful parents...God is smiling at you all!! I'm soo sad you are leaving...really hope you will come back and visit "the beach"....will try to stay updated with your blog...Good Luck on your new move...but, don't to you all...Jan (and Rich..and Willie)