Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Laura's Field Trip

Laura literally woke up giggling and clapping this morning. I think she may have realized that today was her school field trip to the largest Christmas store in the world!

Jacob, Amarin, and I were waiting at the store when she arrived with her friends and teachers. Her teachers said that she was jumping up and down on the bus, and smiling.

The girl knows a fun shopping excursion when she sees one!

First stop...a visit with Santa.

Here she is with one of her best friends. They were waiting in line to see Santa.

Sorry about the blur...kids just don't stand still!

Laura didn't seem to want to get too close to Santa today.

But she was happy with the ornament he gave her.

Mr. "In the Know" was a good sport and saw Santa, too.

Amarin was quick to tell Santa how much he wanted another Star Wars guy.

What brought Laura so much joy? Lunch!

We had a lot of fun, especially knowing that this is probably our last trip to this amazing place for a while. Move date: 3.5 weeks and counting.


Kristin said...

Now that's a fun field trip!
I didn't realize your move was coming up so soon! You're going to need a vacation after surviving the holidays AND a move.

Chrissy said...

I was wondering when the move was. At least it's after the holiday bustle is over. Will definitely be thinking of you over the next few weeks during packing & the drive. I love knowing that Amarin still believes, I think Grace is starting to question but can still be convinced that Santa is real. Have a wonderful Christmas with your wondeful family!