Thursday, December 22, 2011

When I grow up...

I love asking the kids this question every once in a while.

I usually know their answers, but once in a while, they surprise me.

Jacob: Right now, he wants to be a foreign ambassador. Previously, he has shown an avid interest in air conditioners (at age 2 he would skip out on beach play and head for the hotel's ac units), vacuum cleaners (age 2+, he wanted to see everyone's vacuum when we visited homes), and the Titanic (age 3+, once told an artist that he had the wrong number of life boats on his model). He has wanted to be an archeologist, paleontologist, inventor, and forest ranger. He's currently reading a book on how to earn money with your own business. Hmmm...

Amarin: From the time we met him, he has been enthralled with airplanes. "Klungbin" was one of our first Thai words that he taught us! He wanted to fly airplanes, especially with the Blue Ang*ls. He has since decided that he still wants to fly a plane when he gets older, but his own little plane, just for fun. He really wants to be a "fixer" and builder of robots now.

Laura: Well, she has decided to keep on with her cuteness, and remain with mommy and daddy so we don't get lonely in our old age!

Charlie: Mr. Dynamo wants to fly passenger planes and take people on vacation. Yeah...that would literally be a "trip" with this kiddo! Please keep your seatbelts securely fastened throughout the entire flight!

Jenna: Well, we can always shoot for the stars...even the one on top of the Christmas tree. Yep, Miss Jenna wishes to be a Christmas tree when she grows up. We tried to ask her if maybe her dramatic self would like to be a singer or dancer. No way. She is going to be a Christmas tree.


Kristin said...

It is so neat to "get to know" your kiddos through your blog. I almost feel like they could be our neighbor kids. OOOooo... my kids would love that!

ahusted said...

Oh the memories of Amarin and airplanes. Such a sweet voice he has. It will be interesting to see how they change their career choice as they grow. Hmmm, maybe one day one of them will want to be president?