Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to School...

for Laura, that is. We dropped her off Tuesday morning at 7:30 for her first big day at her new school. She had already met her teacher, (in photo), some of the aides and therapists, the principal, and the secretary. So, she was ready when we dropped her off. And since she was the first one in her classroom, she was able to start on the Ipad. I know she loved it. And her teacher wrote that she had a great first day, that she was very sweet, and that she was the errand-runner. So she got lots of PT walking to and from the office with notes.

And being the good mom that forgot her camera...twice...this is from my camera phone. Thank you to my hubby who knew I would need to upgrade my phone last year to one that does more than just call!

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