Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beautiful earrings

Here they of Jenna getting her ears pierced on her birthday.

Last summer, she saw my stash of earrings and wanted to have earrings, too. I thought I'd delay it by telling her "how about when you're 5?" thinking she may forget. She has been reminding everyone ever since then, that when she's 5, she's getting her ears pierced. Lesson learned...she doesn't forget!

Here she is, up in the big, tall chair, ready to go! I had taken her to the store a week earlier to show her what it was all about. The gal even pierced the bear's ear so she could see how it happened.

There was a brief moment of fear when both gals came up to her with their little machines, but then in an instant, it was done. It startled her, enough to almost tear-up, but I had gum in my pocket and it was all smiles from there! She chose pretty, pink flowers. She's actually smiling here...just with a mouth full of gum!

Feeling very special and even more like a princess!

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Kristin said...

What a big girl! Allison (14 yrs. old) just got her's pierced for Christmas. She fainted after the first ear!