Thursday, January 26, 2012

Her First Birthday

Last year on Jenna's birthday, we were still in China.

We celebrated, but heaven knows there was so much going on that it probably didn't really mean a whole lot.

But this year...what a difference! She waited through all of our birthdays, friends' birthdays, cousins' birthdays, until finally it was her turn.

And she knew for months what she wanted.

But her first present was a surprise...a free meal from Bob Ev*ns restaurant...her favorite place aside from Chinese food.

This morning we woke Jenna up by singing Happy Birthday to her. This was her reaction, and that smile did not leave her face all day. She was just one big smiling, squealing, thankful girl today!

Of course, certain requests were made to make it the perfect birthday.
She had to choose her prilly dress...
have pancakes for breakfast...

wear her hair in one piggy tail, tucked behind her ears, with some hair hanging down in back.
Yeah, I know...she's only 5...

She was so excited to get a birthday card in the mail from a friend where we used to live.

And she has been excited for months to get her ears pierced. Those pictures will come later...not sure why I can't get them off my phone!

Then she requested Chinese food for dinner at a little take-out restaurant. Of course, the lady who helps run the place gave her a big hug, and a big bag of fortune cookies for her birthday.

Then it was home to open presents.

A huge hug for Char. He got her the best gift of gum!

She was also thrilled with the Strawberry Shortcake coloring book and box of pink tissues for her bedroom from her biggest brothers. The girl has a thing for tissues!

This picture is just plain funny...look at Laura! She's such a clown sometimes!

Time for her birthday cake. Daddy lit the candles and then we waited to hear the big candle play Happy Birthday. We waited...and waited...until finally Jenna told us we were supposed to sing to her. Apparently we didn't twist the candle to the on position. We would have been waiting there all night!

Then it wouldn't stop playing. Every time Jenna took a big breath to blow out the candles, it started playing again. She was laughing and laughing!

Our littlest princess.

Blow! Notice how no one ever jumps at the chance to eat that piece of cake the kids spit, I mean, blow all over?

Her little cheeks must have been sore when she went to bed. She was smiles all day long!

Happy 5th birthday, Jenna Mei.

You are such a treasure!


Shonni said...

The pictures certainly tell the story of this little princess and a very special birthday!

Anja said...

Happy Birthday, Jenna! It is so much fun to look at the pictures and see how happy she is and how happy you all look! Glad you seem to be settling in well in your new home! Big hugs to all of you, Anja

ahusted said...

Happy Birthday Jenna. I'm so glad it was a smiley day for you.

Chrissy said...

Happy Birthday Miss Jenna! Eek, that means my baby will be 5 in a few months. It looks like you all had a wonderful day!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday sweet Jenna. We want to hang out with you all soon!! :)