Monday, January 9, 2012

In honor of a friend

Laura helped someone today. We won't know who, but it doesn't matter.

We've had friends in the past that battled childhood cancer, and know someone going through it right now. How simple can this be for us to give up a few locks of hair?

She cut off 8 inches of her hair so a child going through cancer treatments might have some.

We read about this in the local news when we arrived Friday night, and were thrilled that she had JUST 8 inches to donate!

Here she is with Amanda...the sweet, patient gal who cut the ponies off her wiggly, bobbing-all-over-the-place noggin!

Charlie and Jenna wanted an up-close look at what was going on with Laura's hair.


Time to try shaping her hair...this girl can give stylists such a challenge!

And a cuddle for Amanda at the end of it all. The gals here were so sweet, and showed us around the salon which includes a private room for clients experiencing hair loss. They showed the kids some wigs so they knew what would happen with Laura's hair.

And Laura does look adorable in her new little bob!


Kristin said...

You give that darling girl a special hug from us! Avery's friend who is 17 years old received her wig right before her prom thanks to a gift like Laura's.

ahusted said...

Laura, I can't wait to see that new hairdo of yours. What a special gift you gave. Love Ya Girly!

Michelle said...

I love her hair in a bob! And it sounds like you found a perfectly lovely salon!