Monday, January 16, 2012

Our first full week

We made it through our first week in our new hometown. Mostly, it has been very positive, though I'm wondering if we're on vacation-mode, and the move will really sink in once we're in our house. Being in the apartment is a tight squeeze, but makes it feel like a vacation condo...even with a little lake outside our windows. And we're not doing school this month, and we're eating out more than normal...yep...I think we're in vacation mode.

But that's about to change. We closed on our house last Friday and were handed the keys to our new home. Jamie picked it out all by himself, minus me seeing a few photos online. He did such a great job. Here's a photo of my new kitchen. I LOVE it!

Wednesday our furniture will be delivered. We've been measuring walls at the house so we know exactly where the movers should place everything. Some heavy pieces, like the piano, will not be relocated within the house by us later, so we want to be sure they're in the right place to begin with. Jamie had a cleaning lady come in and do a thorough cleaning for me so we could move right in. Yesterday, her husband and son came in and repainted the basement a neutral color. The previous owners had a weird "salmon" color down there. Like the painter said...definitely not a man-cave! They did an awesome job, and will definitely be on our list of callers when we need another paint job.

Yesterday, we visited another church. It was huge, and felt like we were at a performance. It was too big for our taste...good message and talented musicians...but we like the smaller, more intimate churches. But, we agreed that we would try several churches before settling into one...but I think I know where we'll end up already!


Kristin said...

Vacation-mode is fun for a while, but I'm sure you're excited to get settled. Your new kitchen looks awesome!

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

I LOVE your new kitchen! Pray that you'll find just the right church! Enjoy your "vacation"!