Sunday, January 22, 2012

Taking a breath

Dinner's in the crockpot and I'm veggin' on the sofa. I'm toast.

Let me recap the week.

Laura started school on Tuesday. We drove her each morning...meaning all of us were up, dressed, fed, and out the door by 7:15. She rode the bus home, and seemed to enjoy the whole school experience. Three different companies came out to give us their take on reverse osmosis systems for drinking water. We drink a lot of water, and I want it as pure as we can get it...without spending a crazy amount. Addresses had to be changed, new checks ordered, library cards requested, phone and internet services explored and chosen, medical exams completed for school, medications located for Laura (she needs a specific med. from a specific pharm. co.), groceries purchased at new stores, Jenna's Gotcha day celebrated,'s the biggie...

our household goods were delivered on Wednesday.

All day long, 5 guys were hauling boxes into the house and piling them everywhere. Thankfully, boxes were labeled and usually ended up in the right room...but what a mess. And really, if you want to know just how much stuff you have, move. You'll be more than happy to purge once you see how many boxes you now have to unpack and find homes for everything in them.

The kids worked so hard that day, unpacking their bedrooms and putting everything in order. We got the kitchen underway, too. I felt muscles the next morning that I had forgotten I had...ouch!

Oh, and did I mention that day the water company shut off our water to fix a broken main? Yes...5 men, 4 children, and me...with no water. That was fun.

And since Wednesday, we've been unpacking, organizing, cleaning, searching for missing pieces, and deciding how much we don't need. We've also cleaned out Jamie's apartment that he had for a few months. And since we've been so busy with unpacking and settling, my cooking has gone out the window. We are definitely helping the economy here with our frequent restaurant visits. Oh, and our new favorite...Ste*k & Shake!

Today was church, and then Jamie took the boys bowling. We need to rest a little before the week starts up again. Because there are more boxes to unpack, drivers' licences and plates to change, and life needs to get back to some kind of normal...including school. Just don't tell the kids.

Charlie, Charlie.

He was so excited to be sleeping in the bunk bed now, that he kept the moving guy company the whole time he was putting the bed together.

I overheard this conversation.

Char: Are you married?

man: Uh, no, not yet.

Char: How old are you?

man: Almost 30.


Char: So, do you obey the Bible?

man: Well, I try to.


Char: Mom! This guy's strong like Samson!

Paper, paper, everywhere!

The boys were helping me find a "lost" key that unlocked my china cabinet. Jamie found it later...labeled and in a special the cabinet drawer. Oops. Sorry, boys.


Kristin said...

What a week for you! I hope "normal" arrives at your new doorstep very soon! Charlie cracks me up.

ahusted said...

Wow, sounds like there was just a "little" bit of excitement going on in your house. Charlie, you are an awesome boy. God Bless You.

Michelle said...

HAH! Been there, done that...bought the t-shirt and gave it away before we moved from GA! That packing paper is GREAT for drawing.

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Wow! I feel tired just reading about all of your activity. We ate at one of those restaurants when we went to the Thai Reunion. Very yummy! I hope you'll all feel more settled in soon! Have you found a church you like, yet? Lots of prayers for you all!