Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Warm Welcome

I feel like we've been rather spoiled this past week by the "welcoming committee" here in our new hometown. Goodness, people have been so friendly and hospitable to us...total strangers!

Monday night we were invited to dinner at Pastor's house. And for those of you that have fed our family...7 is a big number to feed in addition to one's own family! But, we had a great time, the kids played well, the hostess and I chatted easily, and of course, it was great to not have to cook that night. Their diningroom table was just the right size to fit us all...all except the dads. They were MIA at work.

Tuesday brought a fun day of playing with other homeschool families. Prior to moving, I joined a yahoo group for homeschoolers in this area. One of the moms organized a playdate at a local Rainbow playsystem dealership. For a minimal price, the kids could play on their display models for 4 hours. And play they did. They ran and ran so hard...poor Jacob's legs are actually hurting today. And you can see by the pictures...no one stood still long enough for a good picture.

This is Charlie...

Jacob is in yellow, his buddy in green, and Amarin in red.

The girls were kind of still for me. This young lady took over as "mama" to my girls and took them all over the place!

All the families had so much fun that we decided to do this twice per month. Great outlet for the winter months!


Kristin said...

How wonderful! You are off to a pretty great start in your new hometown.

Angela :-) said...

The kids liked seeing their pictures on here. So thankful to have met you. Glad you are all here!