Monday, January 30, 2012

We're goin' to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

Today was back to school for the rest of us. We decided to take an academic break for the month of January because we had a couple things we needed to move! However, I won't say that we weren't "in-school" because that's one thing I love about homeschool. Every day is still a learning experience, even when we're not sitting in front of our books. The kids learned a great deal about moving, packing and unpacking, finding their way around a new town, organizing a new home, and had time to serve others with donations and meals. So much in just a few short weeks! But...we also missed our routine. Over the weekend, we dug our books out of boxes, and I put together our plans for the next couple weeks. And wouldn't you know it...the weather turned out beautiful enough on day 1 to take a field trip??
How can we not get outside when the temperature is going to reach 60 degrees???

Off to the zoo we went! Bonus: free entry!
We started in Africa, and the lions were enjoying the sun, too. The male and female were hanging out on this rock.

Look how close this snake was to Jenna! Yes, he was behind glass, but still...these boas were HUGE and moving around a lot! We could hear someone working in a room next to their cage. Maybe it was close to feeding time because one boa climbed the tree, put his head very close to the door, and kept sticking out his tongue. I can't imagine having to feed those creatures!

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