Saturday, February 4, 2012

Painting room #1

We are feeling very settled in our new home. This whole move has gone extremely well. God is showing us blessings all over the place. It has been different living, again, in a subdivision...on a small lot...with a small driveway...and sidewalks...and barely a tree or two in our yard...and neighbors everywhere we look. But God knew this was exactly where we needed to be, and since we've been here, I've seen beautiful red sunsets, I can hear and see the train from the back of the house, met neighbors from Ireland (love the international aspect of this area), the bigger boys and Jenna have found some potential friends right next door...all of this just in the neighborhood. There is so much more...

But, back to the house itself. It has been very easy moving in because the layout is very similar to our previous house. And the walls are all neutral colors...well, except the basement that was a weird salmon color and not a great match for a man cave, ya know? That was taken care of ASAP. Otherwise, I can add color where I want it. The first room was the girls' bedroom. I LOVE it!!!! So soft and feminine. Now it just needs some butterflies and fairies and they'll be all set!

Next are two bathrooms upstairs that the kids with "duckies" and the other with monkeys. So, bright yellow seemed to be the right match for both. And bright yellow we chose. Our painter "whooped" when he opened the can and said it looked like a construction zone. OK, this is where I need a little encouragement from my bloggy friend Adeye. Bold is fun, right? I have until Monday to make up my mind. Paint is not cheap...but cheaper than diamonds I hear say. :)


Cari said...

lovin' the look to the girls room and your blog!

ahusted said...

Can't wait to see the bright yellow bathroom. So glad to hear all the AWESOME ways that you are seeing God work in your life!! Thanks again for sharing.