Saturday, March 3, 2012

I went out on the town today with the sweetest young man. Of course, I may be biased. But he's been asking for weeks to take me out "on a date." need some time for just the two of us. I told him, as the young man, he needs to check with Daddy, and then organize the day. And he did. He scheduled us to leave the house at 10AM, and visit a variety of spots around town.

First was the used bookstore. Oh my goodness...I don't think Jacob would have been happier with a pot of gold than he was with the aisles and aisles of books. We spent two hours...yes, two hours... browsing the shelves and choosing favorite books. The owner knew immediately that we were homeschoolers because I asked him for G. A. Henty books...and apparently only homeschoolers ever ask him for those. But the best part was when we were getting ready to check out, another couple was bartering with the owner over a collection of old, old books. Jacob was beside himself excited to see these old books. He started asking questions, and the owner pulled out a Bible that was written on parchment paper. And then Jacob saw a copy of Pilgrim's Progress dated in the 1700s. He was very disappointed to know that it was WAY out of his price range.

Next stop...B@rnes and Noble. Do you detect a pattern here? We bought a coffee and headed to the display desk to try out the Nook. He's deciding between buying a Nook or a Kindle. Any suggestions out there?

T@rget was right next door, so off we went to peruse the St@r Wars selection of toys. We also found a couple odds and ends for the other kiddos, and Jacob was thrilled to come away with a double light saber. I must say, I got the biggest, jumpiest hug ever when I told him he could have it!

Already mid-afternoon, we thought we'd better grab lunch at our favorite place...Ste@k & Sh@ke. LOVE their burgers and shakes! One more stop at the sporting goods store to look at shoes, dropped Daddy's shirts off at the dry cleaners, and then headed home.

What a fun day and precious memories with my oldest...who is just growing up way too fast!


Cheryl said...

Love it! My time with my "young man" usually includes playing frisbee, tossing a football or playing Scr@bble - he talked me into playing online so we can play long distance! :)
btw - I am looking to purchase a Kindle, but can't decide which one. Too many choices.

ahusted said...

It was so nice of you to share that time you and Jacob spent together. You definitely put happy tears in my eyes. Your outing gave me an idea....

Kristin said...

Those are just the best days! I love it that Avery still wants to go out to lunch with me. These days we end up at the thrift store scavenging golf gear or leather for his new leather working kit.