Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our Backyard

Our new backyard may be a lot smaller, but it's more full of kids on a regular basis. Where we lived before, we had to call and set up playdates. It worked well, too, but there was nothing impromtu about it. And I'm still getting used to it...kids ringing the doorbell every afternoon, kids running in and out of the house, and always...always...looking for snacks.
But I'm so thankful that they choose to come here to play. I like knowing what's going on, and what's being discussed. And I'm not too proud to bribe with food! :)
PS. to Aunt Julie...the popscicle maker is a HUGE hit!


Kristin said...

I loved being the "go to" house on the block. It was a little crazy, but I always knew what was going on. And, snacks are very, very important!

ahusted said...

Yay!!!! So awesome when you can hear and see what is going on with the kids your kids are hanging out with. So happy for you guys!!! Smiles, winks, and hungs to you all.

Sugar Momma said...

Totally our house too! There are some cons with being "the" house on the block. But, I am with you...the pros far out weight the cons. My kids by nature like to stay here and I by nature like them here under my watch as well ;)