Thursday, March 15, 2012

Something Unexpected

Well, we weren't expecting a lesson in home building when we moved here. The kids were actually enjoying their own soccer and baseball field. But...
flags went up last week marking the utility lines, and we knew what was coming.
At first the kids were bummed. But we decided we can either be bummed, or embrace the blessing of watching a house being built...something we've never experienced before. We all chose the latter.

They were excited when the excavator arrived this AM. We had to stop lessons and go outside to watch them unload it, and start digging the basement. Char ran back inside the house to get his "tractor" book to find the excavator.

Further down the street, we noticed a huge crane working. We took a walk to see what was going on...more home building.

By mid-afternoon, the basement was finished. This huge hole was beckoning some boys.

I compromised and let them play in their new sandbox.


ahusted said...

Love it! Charlie is so cute crouching down. That is one big sand box!!

Kristin said...

That's one HUGE sandbox!

Sugar Momma said...

How fun! Great idea to use the building around them as teaching tools!

Tara said...

You commented on my blog this week, which made me smile as I have followed your blog for quite some time! Thanks for sharing.