Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Swim classes have begun, and all five kiddos swim at the same time! We found a homeschool swim class in the early afternoon which works beautifully!
Here they are, waiting for class to begin.

Jenna was a little nervous, but did just fine.
There were only 4 little girls in her class.

Laura was in class with Jenna, and she had her own aide. There is an organization here that provides one-on-one aides for children with special needs, free of charge. What a blessing that is for Laura to be able to join in the fun! We have to pull her out of school 1/2 hour early, but I don't think our little fish minds at all!

Charlie had only two other girls in his class. He loves the water and had so much fun. He thought is was pretty cool to be in a non-beginner class.

Jacob and Amarin were in the same class this week, and (yeah!) there was one other boy!
They worked hard in the lap pool.

After a 45 minute lesson, they were able to play for 45 more minutes in this play area.

Amarin couldn't resist dumping water on Jenna's head!


Shonni said...

Looks like a wonderful time.

Kristin said...

Looks like you found a wonderful facility. We're putting a metal frame pool in the back yard for our fishies! They've always loved the water.

Cheryl said...

Fun times, fun memories for me. It takes me back to the days at the Lapeer Rec Center with my kids in their homeschool swim classes with Janet and company! :)

Sugar Momma said...

This looks like so much fun! Love the aide assistance for Laura...what a bonus!