Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What have we been doing?

So glad you asked! Jenna started kindergarten. She was beside herself excited to get her "elephant book" in the mail. She thinks letter sounds are funny, loves doing school, and is "reading" all by herself. (wink, wink)

Missy Laura is practicing for her first grade musical performance at school. I had to take this fast because she thought it was funny to throw her shaker on the floor as I tried to take the picture! Little sassafrass!

The kids have really been learning a lot about the Titanic. This April is the 100th anniversary of its maiden voyage...and sinking. After visiting the museum in Branson, they checked out lots of books and we watched the older movie, A Night To Remember. Much better than the newer movie, and family friendly. We found these historical fiction books, too. Great books!

Charlie is getting ready for our speech class. It's an informal meeting at a local pizza restaurant. Any student that does a report or presentation gets a free pizza buffet. My kids are all over that! So Char is doing a presentation on CAT tractors.

Amarin is getting ready for speech, too, and is presenting about the Titanic. He put this model together in less than a week...all 178 teenie, tiny pieces.


Michelle said...

Love the updates from Miller Prep! And how is it possible...Amarin's smile reminds me so much of Jamie....God is so funny!

Kristin said...

Busy, busy! My kids would do almost anything for a pizza buffet, and they might even fill their bottomless pits. :)

Sugar Momma said...

Love the update! Jenna in Kindergarten?! All the kiddos in school -I know you are one busy Mommy!