Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby Laura

I'm slowly but surely getting pictures hung in our house.
I came across this poem today and thought I'd share.
My Aunt Judy wrote this right before we arrived in the U.S. with Laura back in June, 2005, and it makes me teary still when I read it.
It makes me remember the blessing of bringing Laura home,
as well as those children who still wait.
Breaks my heart, and makes me want to go back .
The poem was sent in baby shower invitations so attendees could bring an orphanage donation if they chose.  We ended up with two large boxes of donations that we sent to Shangrao SWI. Jiangxi.

Baby Laura
I am a tiny China girl,
My birth name was Ling Guang Yi.
Not very sure of birthdate,
But born in province of Jiangxi.

Foster care and orphanage have been my only home.
With other black-haired babies,
But still I was alone.

But one day a pretty lady came
And held me in her arms.
Also, a man named Daddy,
And a small boy filled with charm.

I'll be leaving soon with my new family.
But other babies will remain and they still have a need.
So would you add to our box of care for those who stay behind,
Their future may not be as bright as I envision mine.

My every need will now be met,
I'm a very lucky girl.
But the ones who stay will every day
Be wanting in some way.

Author - Judy Peterson, Angie's aunt


Jean said...

What a beautiful poem!

Our Anna is from Shangrao SWI, too!

So thankful they are both home!

Holly said...

I love it! Oh, how I WISH we could go bring home another one. I am so praying it will be God's will for us, and that he'll let my hubby know!

Kristin said...

That is so lovely! It brought me to tears. I've found peace in the knowledge that adoption isn't God's plan for our family, but supporting adoptive families is in God's plan for all of us!