Thursday, April 5, 2012

He Plays Again

Over one year ago, I couldn't believe that Jacob wanted to play the tuba in band.
Seriously? Could he pick a bigger instrument?
I told him to pray about it for a few weeks to be sure.
'Cause I was thinking drum sticks would be so much to carry.
Yep. He was sure. And it was a wonderful choice for him. He loved playing the tuba, and he had free instruments from the school where he played.

But then we moved. No more tuba.
So we started looking a little here and there. Made a few calls.
Have you ever tried to rent a tuba? Not an easy find. And they're not readily available to purchase, either, unless you want to spend thousands of dollars. Yeah...we've seen them over $10,000.00.
No. Way.

We knew that it would take a true miracle to find one, and we were told that same thing by various others in the industry as well. Usually kids use the schools' instruments. But that wasn't an option here.
I decided to send out an email to our homeschool group here.
Guess what?
Someone just happened to be selling a tuba...for a crazy good price.
Someone else was looking at it first, but decided not to buy it.
Guess who has his own tuba now?

It is beautiful, shiny, great sounding, has a sturdy, rolling case, and he starts lessons in two weeks.
our new homeschool co-op has added band for next year!

In the fall, Amarin will start band, too. I wonder if he's interested in some drum sticks?


Kristin said...

That is so awesome! I played trumpet and later sax in our school band and always wished we would have invested in instruments I could keep.

Cheryl said...

YAY for musicians in the house! Chad "filled in" on tuba for a year in OHS band. It is so exciting that your homeschool group is going to have band. I have great memories playing with our homeschool orchestra, OHMI! (Yes, they let us old folks dust off our instruments and join - except for festivals.) =) Have fun Jacob! I can't wait to see what Amarin takes up...

Cheryl said...

p.s. - If your homeschool band would like to network with our leadership - check them out at

We started OHMI Fall 2002.