Saturday, April 28, 2012

Laura's Music Debut

Laura is mainstreamed into a first grade classroom, with a one-on-one aide, for music, adaptive P.E., art, and library.  She seems to really enjoy school.
Those of you contemplating a special school for your little one, I can only say that we've had two great ones!
 Thursday night was her music debut.
She sat, with her aide, and played instruments during all of the songs.
Not easy getting pictures...the gym was PACKED!  And HOT!  
No wonder there is a new elementary school going up just down the road!
Look at the smile on her face.  She loves music.

This one is blurry, but she was clapping.  So proud of herself!

 After her performance, her siblings greeted her like she had just won an Oscar!

Her Grandma and Papa drove a long way to see their sweetie's performance.  
Does this not look like pure joy?

We're so proud of you, Laura!


Holly said...

Aw... that is awesome!! Way to go, sweet girl!!

ahusted said...

Congratulations Laura on your wonderful perfomance! I'm so excited for you. You look absolutely beautiful too.

Love Ya,

Mrs Husted

Mary Bradley said...

Yea for Laura! I am so happy that you found this school for her. Kimmy saw this pic on my classroom computer and started laughing :) So sweet - I think she misses her!!