Sunday, April 15, 2012

Life in the 'burbs

Who says there's no need of a tractor in the 'burbs?
Though we're thinking of taking her driver's license away.
She can't seem to stay on the path.
Not that she can hurt those weeds in our yard.

My girls. I'm thinking maybe Laura should be wearing the helmet!

We thought we'd give Char the job of pulling Laura. Just asked him to not take the corners as fast as he did with Jenna riding in the back. Every time he took a corner, Jenna fell out...hence, her helmet!
I don't know why Char's wearing his helmet. I wonder if he will want to wear it when he drives a car. Oh, I shudder at the thought.

Do you notice the trend? Char is never looking forward as he drives.
Maybe the helmet isn't a bad idea.
Laura doesn't seem to mind. She's having a blast.

She's got this "bye-bye" thing down pat!
Her baby brother is so proud of her!

Later that evening, I went for a pizza run. The big boys had been outside with "the multitudes" all afternoon. So, when I called them in for pizza...more children came than what we claim as our own. Glad I bought extra, and glad the neighborhood is comfy joining us for dinner.

Our next door neighbor showed our boys how to inflate a marshmallow peep in the microwave...with the understanding that if Mr. Peep exploded, said friend would be scrubbing my appliance!

No appliance was splattered and no one, except Mr. Peep, suffered from this experiment.

Can I just say how much we will miss this neighbor friend when he and his family move within the next couple of months??? He's in and out of our house like he's part of the family, and has been attending church with us. We will be changed and stretched again, especially Jacob who has been truly enjoying this friendship.


Cheryl said...

Fun! Char, I want a ride...PLEASE! =D

Trish said...

The girls look like they are having so much fun!

ahusted said...

Looks like lots of fun times already had in that new house of yours. The neighbor looks very similiar to Jacob. Had to look at the glasses to see who was who. :)