Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Newest Friend

We have a new friend, and Jenna has a new best friend...Suki.
We're dog sitting for a few weeks, and we're all smitten with this pooch.  
She follows us all around the house, barks briefly when someone comes to the door, and then lies down on the cool tile.  She's so funny, and we're happy she's here.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Florida and back!

 We ventured off to Florida for a week.  So nice to get away and relax.  These pictures are in no certain order...just how blogger decided to arrange them.

 This is the sunrise I watched in the morning...coffee in hand while everyone else was still sleeping.  Like I said in my last post...I can think of fewer things more peaceful than the constant roar of the ocean.
 On our last day (told you there was no certain order!), we visited a citrus grove and picked our own grapefruit.

 Back to day one...riding on the monorail at the airport.

 And just being "Goofy!"  We had to convince the older two that it was OK to be silly.  The little ones needed no convincing.  It comes quite naturally to them.

 We got to our destination in time for a late lunch...and someone just couldn't wait to get into Florida mode.

 We hit the beach every morning.  There was a gentle breeze, the tide was going out, and the waves weren't crazy huge.  Many castles were built last week.

 And it was a good time to look for shells.

 Only one mishap.  While in the pool area, a kid fell on Amarin and the kid's tooth went into his head.  Poor Amarin thought the kid's tooth was stuck in his head!  Luckily, no stitches needed...but a very cool bandage by Dad for bedtime.

 Miss Jenna got her hair braided.

 One night, the complex had an animal show.  We held alligators, 


 and snakes.  Note how much fun Laura seemed to be having. 

 One morning, we saw a replica of a space shuttle being taken out to sea.  It was on its way to Texas.
We also got up at 4AM one morning to watch a rocket launch.  

 Jacob and Laura playing in the ocean.  Laura LOVES the water.  She would not sit still unless she was in the water.  And if we sat her down too far away, she would just crawl her way into the waves.

 She's in her element, no doubt.

We stayed near a pier where cruise ships enter and exit.  This pilot boat was leading out a cruise ship.  Jacob's thinking he may want to be a maritime pilot instead of an ambassador now.

 At the end of the trip, we visited an animal sanctuary.  How many times do we have to tell the kids not to play so close to the gators?!

One worker got very, very close to feed the gators.  

We decided to play it safe and feed the baby alligators a hot dog through the fence.

 At our last hotel, we had little visitors.  The gentleman on the left fed these baby ducks a muffin every afternoon.

 We had such a relaxing trip, but it's always good to get back home.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Paradox

I'm MIA until next week. Partly because I have no clue how to upload pictures to this iPad, the typing is a bit of an oddity, and my laptop is back home. But I leave you with my paradox for the week... I can think of few things more peaceful than the constant roar of the ocean.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dear Management

This is a pet peeve of mine...it really makes me angry when I see this garbage displayed, especially at kids' eye level, and I believe that this is justified anger.  But until families start making a fuss, nothing will be done.  So consider either emailing corporate offices as I did today, speaking with management (I think my stores are sick of me!), and while you're at it...flip these magazines over so others don't have to see it!

Dear "Insert Your Store Here" Management,
As parents of young children, we are concerned about the merchandise that is present in your checkout lanes.  Our children frequent your store with us, and we repeatedly need to redirect their attention away from magazines, specifically, Cosmopolit@n.  The cover of this magazine contains explicit language and images that are inappropriate for children.  We have discussed this numerous times with employees and management.  There continues to be no plastic covers over this magazine, which other stores do in fact use.  We realize that the magazines are the responsibility of off-site reps., however, store management is ultimately responsible for products within their stores. We would request that the magazines be covered properly, moved to a location that families could avoid, or don't carry the magazine at all.  Thank you.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Go Blue!

Jacob played this at his tuba lesson yesterday and didn't realize what song it was!
I told him that his dad would love to hear it...being a UofMichigan alumni.
I can just see it now during football season...


Monday, May 7, 2012

Baby Alea

Our van is full, but our hearts still reach out to the orphan.
Here is a case that I'm working on here with our local hospital.
This baby girl needs a liver transplant, and it needs to be pro-bono.
Orphanages just don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for these surgeries.
Unfortunately, it looks like our hospital does not do liver transplants, but we're still checking the possibilities for this baby girl.
What about the hospitals in your area?
Do they do liver transplants?  Can you call and find out?
You can read about this sweet girl HERE.

Friday, May 4, 2012

It's That Time!

 Anyone else geeked that it's garage sale time?
We love hopping in the van and finding garage sales.
The kids were at the door at 8AM, money in hand, ready to go.
Let me just say that the girls made out big time today, and will have clothes to wear...if they keep up their typical growth pattern...for the next 3 years.
So what did $70.00 buy?
16 dresses
4 skirts
5 pants/capris
26 tops
1 shorts
2 pair of gloves
1 bathing suit
1 cover-up
1 sweater
2 pair of tennies
We found lots of name brands, some with tags still on them.  And some of the clothing,  I wonder if they ever wore it at all.  One mom said she loved buying dresses for her little girl, but she would refuse to wear them.  That's an entirely different topic on "who's the boss," but so glad she didn't because the girls have some nice, new dresses.  We covered all seasons, right down to clothes with autumn leaves and 4th of July.
So thankful for great sales!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1/2 credit down!

Jacob has a plan, Lord willing.
He wants to graduate from high school early.  Like 2 years early.
Then before college, he wants to go on a long-term missions trip to an African orphanage.
(He has always wanted a baby brother from Africa!).
But one thing at a time.
He just finished his first high school class, earning 1/2 credit.
Archaeology.  He loved it!
This fall he will carry a full load.  He is very excited to get started.