Monday, May 7, 2012

Baby Alea

Our van is full, but our hearts still reach out to the orphan.
Here is a case that I'm working on here with our local hospital.
This baby girl needs a liver transplant, and it needs to be pro-bono.
Orphanages just don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for these surgeries.
Unfortunately, it looks like our hospital does not do liver transplants, but we're still checking the possibilities for this baby girl.
What about the hospitals in your area?
Do they do liver transplants?  Can you call and find out?
You can read about this sweet girl HERE.


Kristin said...

Thanks for sharing. We live in the "medical triangle" and will do some investigating.

Chrissy said...

Angie, the University of Nebraska Medical Center does liver transplants. Check out their website
Hopefully you can find some useful info.

ahusted said...

Tried to email you but it came back. U of M does pediatric liver transplants but they do not have financial supporters. Baby Alea is so beautiful.