Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dear Management

This is a pet peeve of really makes me angry when I see this garbage displayed, especially at kids' eye level, and I believe that this is justified anger.  But until families start making a fuss, nothing will be done.  So consider either emailing corporate offices as I did today, speaking with management (I think my stores are sick of me!), and while you're at it...flip these magazines over so others don't have to see it!

Dear "Insert Your Store Here" Management,
As parents of young children, we are concerned about the merchandise that is present in your checkout lanes.  Our children frequent your store with us, and we repeatedly need to redirect their attention away from magazines, specifically, Cosmopolit@n.  The cover of this magazine contains explicit language and images that are inappropriate for children.  We have discussed this numerous times with employees and management.  There continues to be no plastic covers over this magazine, which other stores do in fact use.  We realize that the magazines are the responsibility of off-site reps., however, store management is ultimately responsible for products within their stores. We would request that the magazines be covered properly, moved to a location that families could avoid, or don't carry the magazine at all.  Thank you.


Kristin said...

Really if it's not fit for their eyes it's not even fit for mine. I have written a lot of emails, made a lot of phone calls, and in one instance never returned to the store. If we just ignore it, it's not going away.

ahusted said...

Thanks for the hint to flip them over and yes mgmt has to know it's not okay.

Latonya said...

I agree. I constantly have to tell my daughter to stop reading. I never thought to flip them over. Thanks for the tip.