Friday, May 4, 2012

It's That Time!

 Anyone else geeked that it's garage sale time?
We love hopping in the van and finding garage sales.
The kids were at the door at 8AM, money in hand, ready to go.
Let me just say that the girls made out big time today, and will have clothes to wear...if they keep up their typical growth pattern...for the next 3 years.
So what did $70.00 buy?
16 dresses
4 skirts
5 pants/capris
26 tops
1 shorts
2 pair of gloves
1 bathing suit
1 cover-up
1 sweater
2 pair of tennies
We found lots of name brands, some with tags still on them.  And some of the clothing,  I wonder if they ever wore it at all.  One mom said she loved buying dresses for her little girl, but she would refuse to wear them.  That's an entirely different topic on "who's the boss," but so glad she didn't because the girls have some nice, new dresses.  We covered all seasons, right down to clothes with autumn leaves and 4th of July.
So thankful for great sales!


Kristin said...

We made out great at a community garage sale. Besides the golf club we all got name brand clothes, and we found a Bunn coffee maker (who uses a restaurant quality coffee maker at home???) for $20 for the church. It retails for $278. I also got two brand new Ralph Lauren blankets for the girls' beds for $5 each. Love, love yard sale season!

Tara said...

You cleaned up! That's amazing, I've never done that well...possibly because I'm never quite motivated enough to get up early while the good stuff is still there. :0)

Jean said...

Wow! What a haul!!

Love what you got! yay girls!!