Wednesday, June 13, 2012

7 Years Already?

7 Years ago, Laura, you changed our lives forever.
You opened our hearts to China,
to children with special needs,
to the plight of the orphan,
to medical terms we had never heard,
to a life surrendered to God, 
because there was no way we were going to
care for you in our own strength. 

You have brought our family so much joy and unconditional love.
You are an amazing little girl, and I'm so happy you will be with us forever.
I can't imagine spending our lives without your contagious smile, belly laughs, and sassy little attitude!

Gotcha Day in Daddy's arms, 6/14/05
Nanchang, China

 Napping by the pool

 First bath with Mama in China

 Playing with Mama, Aunt Leesee, and new friend, Abby.

 Enjoying my favorite thing...water...with Daddy in Branson, MO.

 Your smile just lights up the room.  It's impossible not to smile back!

Laura and her current friend, Suki.  You have even learned to love doggy kisses!

 We love you, YiYi.  Happy Gotcha Day!


Kristin said...

Precious girl, you are blessed!

Kathy R. said...

What great memories of China, and all the new friends we met! Abby & Laura look so cute together! Instantly brought me back to China--it still feels like yesterday.
Love, Kathy & Abby :)