Monday, June 25, 2012

Camp or bust!

 By reading some of your blogs, this must be THE week for Bible camps!
This will be Jacob's 2nd year going to camp and he could not wait, even
though it's a different camp than last year.
When we first talked about going to this new camp with his new friends from our new church,
he was not thrilled with the idea.  He wanted us to drive back to our previous home so he could go with his "old" friends.
But, he has become good buddies with some of the guys at our new church, and decided this is where he wanted to go after all!

And this is Amarin's first year going to hesitation at all.  I kept asking him if he was nervous or scared to be away from home for a week, and he answered with a sound, "No."
Alrighty, then.

So, we had to be at the church, ready to pull out at 6AM.  
Thankfully for all involved, I was able to down 2 cups of coffee before heading out at 5:30.  Ugh!

 Jacob was so geeked to be riding "Short Bus" with the teens.  Bless those drivers!

 All the kids got a gift bag with snacks, a water bottle, and a few fun trinkets...

 like these!  I just know the drivers will have a sense of humor!

Amarin is riding "shot-gun" in the SUV.  He was told that he could hold the phone with the map.
He's in his glory because the boy loves maps!  But if we get a call from Timbuktu, he will surely be relinquishing his seat!
 Before pulling out, we had a time of prayer...for fun and safety, but mostly that the Lord would work in each of their lives and they would grow closer to Him this week.

And then, as Preacher put it, we had "an opportunity," not a problem.
Appropriate that he just preached last night on suffering well and seeing challenges and trials as God's way of molding our hearts and shaping our lives.
Yeah for opportunities!
Jamie was walking out the door to loan them his SUV for the week, when they called and said all was good.
Yeah that it was an easy fix!

Next Sunday night will be a special service for the campers to give their testimonies from camp.  We can not wait to hear their stories and experiences!


Anja said...

So how does it feel to have "ONLY" (*counting*) THREE kids left?
Big hugs and all the best wishes for the boys,

Latonya said...

That sounds like fun! Is it hard to see them leave for a week? Or did you go too?

Kristin said...

What a great opportunity for the boys to bond with new friends! I hope they have a terrific week!