Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dedication Sunday

I forgot my camera...again.  But someone had their camera-phone and
shared with me. Thank you!
Last Sunday, Jun 24th was a busy day.
Our 18th wedding anniversary...
the 33rd anniversary of our church...
Amarin and Jenna's Dedication at church.
It was special dedicating them on the same day, and with such a sweet group of church 
people excited for them.
They each received a certificate, as well as a little Bible.  
I wish I would have had a picture of Jenna when she was handed her new Bible.
She turned around to the church with a huge smile and said, "Oh, cool!"
Of course, everyone laughed and thought it was so cute.
And this certainly started off the week well for Amarin who was headed to camp for the first time.
More on that later as the boys are due home today!

See that happy piano player in the background?
Yeah...she's always that happy!

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