Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just the Littles

 So, it's just me and "the littles" as we refer to them...Laura, Char, and Jenna.
We're keeping busy, but the days are much, much quieter. 
And I find I have more chores to do, and no babysitter.
I may have to rethink this camp thing next year!  :)

Laura's in school every morning. Sorry about the sunshine in your eyes, sweetie.

 Char, Jenna, and I met friends at the zoo.

 Char was "the preacher" and instructed Jenna, Laura, and all stuffed animals within hearing about Luke, John the Baptist, Job, and how "...some boast in chariots."  I must have missed the part when he told about how those topics/people correlated.
I texted our preacher's wife and told her that they could relax coming home from camp...Char could cover Sunday services for them.

Build-A-Bear is always fun.  Jenna made a bunny and Char made a bear.

Then they came home and painted their animals' homes.
Now I remember why teaching preschool drove me nuts...no sooner do I have all art materials out for them, then they're saying, "We're done!"  But you only painted one inch of the house...

My littles.  They won't be little for long, though, will they?


Kristin said...

Some days I long for littles! If you lived closer I'd just borrow yours!

Sarah Schellhas said...

Looks like you had some great fun! Now you have a little taste of what my household is like sometimes! On the craft subject, I rarely do crafts because I can't handle doing so much prep and clean up for 2 minutes of fun. I take them to the Library to do crafts instead :) Take care!

ahusted said...

You are such a FUN mom!!! I sure wish we lived closer to you I could be encouraged a little more. Well, I guess the saying, "Been there, done that" is appropriate. Hmmm, have to think of something fun to do tomorrow. Guess I just have to keep reading your Blog. Thanks for always sharing and giving me ideas. :) Smiles and hugs to the family!! Blessings