Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Morning

  What's a great way to spend the morning?
Working at the foodbank with my kiddos!
We organize this outing once per month and invite other
homeschool families to join us.

Our job each month is to package meals in a bag to be 
delivered throughout the USA and around the world...
wherever the need may be...so those in need will have a nutritious meal.

Today we were finishing a pallet heading to Africa!

First, we have to don these really handsome hats.
(Note how I'm not in any of these photos!)

Then we start scooping rice, spices, beans, and a veggie protein.
We've tasted it and it's good!

 Can you tell they're serious about their work?

 Then it needs to be weighed.  
Not too heavy, not too light.
Char learned how to read the scale and adjust the contents so 
it weighs just the right amount.
Such a big boy!

 Then, in her pretty hat, Jenna organized the bags into 20 groups of 2.

 Those dots help her count the bags.
What a great idea and a perfect job for little ones that can't quite do the scooping and weighing.

 Then those 40 bags are placed in a box and taken out to the warehouse.

 And when little legs need a break, they can rest while putting labels on bags.

And that is how I love to spend the morning with my kiddos.

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Kristin said...

I love how accessible they've made the facility for kids to participate. It's such a joy to serve along side our children.