Friday, June 8, 2012

Still Here

  Blogging just hasn't been in the forefront of my days. (Sorry, Uncle Jim!)  Lots going on, yet still enjoying this beautiful summer break.

Let's see.  Jenna started riding her big girl bike and left her trike in the dust.  Jacob rescued the trike from its peril, and joined Jenna for a friendly race.
 Jenna won.  How, really, does one fall off a trike?

Sadly, one of Jacob's best new buddies moved away...far across the ocean.  Such is the life of an expat kid.  He lived next door and the two boys were together all.the.time!
I knew our doorbell would ring about 50 times a day, we may or may not have another mouth to feed at lunch or dinner, and we always had another person joining our family in one way or another...even doing chores!  Such a sweet boy, and we enjoyed the whole family.  We miss our neighbors, and Jacob is having to start over with friends in the neighborhood.  Not easy when you're at this age, and often have clearly different rules by which to live.  Thankfully, he has joined the teen group at church and has plenty of opportunities to spend time with that super group of kids and leaders.


We're still hosting our canine friend, Suki.  She will be with us for one more week and she will be missed when she leaves!  Jenna and Charlie, especially, have been having fun with her.  But Laura is the one that gets the biggest kisses in the morning...maybe because she can't outrun Suki!

 Our kids take piano, and before they can start another instrument, they have to play for 2 years.  Well, Amarin is there and he chose....DRUMS!  So thankful for quiet drum pads, though I'm sure we'll have to get the real thing at some point.  He had his first lesson this week from the same teacher that gives tuba lessons to Jacob.   He did so well and just beamed at his new endeavor.

As for me, I'm reading as many good books as I can get my hands on this summer.  I love reading.!  This is my most recent favorite and I devoured this thing in less than two days.  It is an inspiring story of a young girl, and it challenged me in so many ways.  Jacob is reading it now, too, and it's a great way for him to get an insight into life in Africa.


Kristin said...

"Kisses from Katie" has been on my reading list for a while. I hope I have time this summer. We need to get back to piano lessons, too.

Michelle said...

Love the Katie book! We have a special place in our heart for Uganda!