Sunday, July 1, 2012

And they're home

 My biggest boys are home.  Safe and sound...and totally, utterly exhausted.
They chatted for almost 2 hours when we got home about the fun they had, the funny things that happened, the late nights, the treats, the speakers, new friends.

And they both shared some things that challenged them.  Not easy.  But we know God uses all things for good and that their characters were being stretched. Kind of like muscles.  It hurts a bit to stretch them, but we know it's for good, right?

I was thankful for camera phones on Jacob's bus.  We got to see a little bit of what was happening on the road.
Here he is with a buddy.  I can only imagine, from Jacob's stories, what it was like to ride with a bus full of these goofies!

 These came through on my phone yesterday as they drove home.
Can you tell it's been a busy week with not a whole lotta sleep?

 He's going...
 and we lost him.  
Hitting the floor of a bus can wake a person out of a deep slumber!

 So happy to see my boys home again.

 Yes, Amarin was there, too.  Just no camera flashes in his SUV!

 Char missed his brothers like crazy.  He even started crying when he saw Amarin.
Char was in his glory last night when Amarin said he would play the Wii with him.

So nice to have all my chicks back in the nest!

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