Sunday, July 15, 2012

Can You ChipIn?

Jamie is heading to Shanghai soon.  I'm a little green.
I keep hoping he will surprise me with a ticket.  :)  Just in case you're reading, Honey!

He is pretty excited about the chance to help out the Baobei Foundation in Shanghai.
 This is a US registered 501c3 charity which provides life-saving surgeries for orphans born with neurological and/or gastrointestinal birth defects.

Jamie's goal is to take 2 suitcases filled with over-the-counter medications for the babies.
Some of the meds they need right now are liquid vitamins with iron, infant ibuprofen, Triaminic, fast/good thermometers, hydrocortisone cream, benadryl, neosporin, A&D ointment.
None of these are expensive, but what a blessing it will be to provide for these babies!
We will provide what we can, but wanted to open it up to you!
There is a ChipIn at the side of my blog.  You can donate, through PayPal, any amount.  We will use the full amount of donations to purchase the meds.
Can you spare a few dollars to cover the cost of one of these items?  No amount is too small!

And, if you have a blog or FB, can you share this?  
We only have until Friday, July 20th to collect the funds.

Thank you for your generosity!



Kristin said...

Done & shared! Could he take one extra suitcase and tuck you in? :)

Sonja said...

Just a thought about the thermometers - will the nurses/staff be able to read Farenheit? In Thailand, they only know Celsius. Great idea, and we'll be praying for Jaime!

Jean said...

I can do this!! Thanks for helping the orphans!!