Friday, July 20, 2012

Laura's 8!

What a blessing to celebrate, with this sweet girl, her 8th birthday.
She is such a joy, has an easy going personality, loves being cuddled, adores her siblings, definitely Daddy's girl,  and surely has her own way of letting us know what she wants...or doesn't want! 

 Every milestone in the past 7 years she has been with us has been amazing...and sometimes a hoot!  When she waves'd better watch out because she swings that arm like a baseball bat!  And lately, when we ask her a question, we sometimes get a head nod or shake...usually one right after the other...over and over and over.  She leaves us in stitches.  And she knows how to retrieve her own cup in the kitchen for a drink of water.  Well, it may or may not be her own cup.  She quickly realizes that she has chosen incorrectly when she dumps a cup of water all over herself and the floor.  Oops...that one didn't have a lid on it!  No worries.  Just throw it on the floor and try the next one.  She alternates feet now while walking up stairs (holding our hand) while trying to hold the railing.
She smiles at her school bus when it pulls in front of our home.  Such a big girl now.

But on to her birthday.

On Wednesday, she took birthday cookies to school to share with her friends, teachers, and bus drivers.

 Then on Thursday, her real birthday, she "told" me she wanted to go to Olive G@rden.  Or maybe I just knew because this girl loves her some pasta!

 Oh, yeah.  This is good!

 And when she discovered it was chocolate milk instead of her normal water to drink, she gulped down 1/2 of it at once!

 Back home for birthday presents.  The kids all picked out something they knew she would love.  Amarin chose red tissue paper...

 ...and fish crackers!

 Jacob chose chocolate animal crackers.  I think he's hoping she will share them.

 I love how Jenna is helping Laura reach into the bag.

 Surprise!  More food!  Chocolate graham crackers!

 Char ventured out of the realm of food, and chose a little pony.  

 Score!  And she's happy she can finally put something in her mouth!

 More tissue paper.  I think she's getting the hang of pulling it out of the bag.


 and more food...I mean...a dress.
 And her canine friend, Suki, gave her a new nightshirt.

 Of course, she had to model it and thank Suki.  So sweet that her friend is here for her birthday!

We decided we were all too stuffed from dinner to properly enjoy her birthday treat.  I guess her birthday will have to be extended to day 3!
Happy birthday, sweet girl.  We love you!!

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