Sunday, August 5, 2012

Babies and Justice

 Jamie's home.  After 11 days, 6 flights, and a ridiculous number of time zones...he's home, safe and sound.
And jet lagged.
But enough about that.

Here is a picture of the goods he took over for the children under the care of BaoBei.

We were thankful that we could fill one suitcase with much needed items for the sweet babies.  Even the suitcase was donated so Jamie could just leave it there.

Well, he had meetings for work the first week he was in Shanghai, so he met with one of the co-directors of BaoBei on Saturday.  Such a sweet lady, and so hospitable.
She showed Jamie a quick video about BaoBei, talked with him about what they do for children, and's the best part...took him to see two babies!
Oh, I would love to show you the photos I rec'd of Jamie with these little ones.
But I can't.  So just imagine with me two of the cutest babies ever.  Are you with me?
One baby girl was recovering from a recent surgery.  She was hooked up with lots of wires so he couldn't hold her.  But...he got to hold a baby boy and feed him a bottle.
What a precious photo I have of the two of them!
Unfortunately, this baby boy's surgeries hadn't corrected his health issue as they had hoped, so his days here on earth, barring a miracle, are very short.  Jamie's heart was so touched by this little guy.  We just rec'd word this A.M. that Jamie's newest buddy was transferred to an awesome care facility to spend his last days.  And the caregivers promised that when he was in his last days, they would hold him 24/7.  Anyone have a tissue?  That, my friends, is what it's all about.

In line with this topice, I just finished another wonderful book called Generous Justice: How God's Grace Makes Us Just, by Timothy Keller.

 You see, once you realize what God has done in your life, you just can't look at life the same.  You can't look at the orphans, widows, foreigners, or needy in the same way.  They are not lesser people than the rest of us who are so privileged.  In fact, the Bible mentions caring about these groups of people over and over again. And it's not a request.  It's a command.  And it's not charity, because charity is optional.  It is simply living out the command that we were given.  The command.

When I see pictures of orphan after orphan after orphan come across my computer screen...orphans needing families and surgeries and a chance to just overwhelms me.  And when I see the cost of surgeries that could save their lives, I wonder why some of these kids are still waiting at death's door, enduring pain and discomfort like no child should.  And when I hear about the amount that Americans spend on frivolous items throughout the year, it makes me angry.
For example,
"Americans are going to be spending $6.9 billion on Halloween this year, according to the National Retail Federation. That's up from the $3.5 billion they spent on the scary holiday in 2005."
 Do you realize how many life saving surgeries that could cover?  That's not generous and that's not justice.  How I pray that more and more people will wake up and see the need "Beyond the Horizon" and their own front door.


Kristin said...

Yep. I need tissues! Love your hearts for the children/orphans and look forward to seeing how God will use your family next.

ahusted said...

Oh you are so right. Once you get this in your heart, its so difficult to buy new furniture, a sauna, interior decorating items. Its that something that gets in your heart - love, passion, compassion, The Holy Spirit. Thanks for sharing and our prayers are with the little fella.

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

I think that's why God has led us to move to Denver and given my husband a teaching job in a low income area. I feel He is telling us to move out of our comfort zones and reach out and show love and care to others whom some people would rather ignore. I'll definitely need to look for that book you recommended!

Karin said...

I so totally agree!!! How horrible to get to the end of your life and realize that you spent most of your time and money on things that do not matter.