Thursday, August 23, 2012

Laura's First Day

 We have a 2nd grader!
Laura started school yesterday with a 1/2 day.
(Why do schools bother with 1/2 days?)
Anyway, someone was NOT happy when Mama woke her up at 6 A.M.
Talk about gettin' the stink eye!
So I thought I'd get that look on camera for proof.
Because no one ever believes that she can give me "the look."
But as soon as she heard the camera click, this is what she gave me.

 Aha!  I caught the look!

Oops.  Better put on my happy face again.
 Is anyone still looking?  Can I give Mama the stink eye again?

I chatted with Laura's teacher after school and she said she had a great first day.
And she agreed that Laura has indeed become quite loud!
A little kindergarten girl started in her class (also non-verbal) and was shushing her all morning.
Sounds like this could be a funny year!

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Mary Bradley said...

I remember that stink eye!! Congrats on your first day and good luck this year. Just so you know, your old friends don't start school until Tuesday, Sept. 4th.