Thursday, August 23, 2012


 Who doesn't love a surprise?
Especially when it involves friends we haven't seen for months and months!

Of course, we moms had it all planned out, but I left my kids in the dark.
So when the doorbell rang and they saw who was standing there, Char and Amarin started yelling and Jacob choked on a gulp of water.  It's not every day that friends show up on our doorstep that live hours and hours away!

All recovered from the initial shock, and they had a great time playing.  Like 8 months had not even passed since they last saw each other.  And even though my sweet friend, Amy, is a seriously healthy eater...she caved and agreed to pizza for lunch! :)

 Within minutes, the arsenal was out and in full force.

 Laura made it home from school just in time to get in a quick snuggle with Amy before they had to leave.  We're so glad they came to spend the day with us!

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Jean said...

How wonderful to have friends come and visit! Looks everyone had a great time!