Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Watch This! UPDATE

UPDATE:  Actual voting is taking place at this link:
(look for Caleb Blaha's name under the video at the bottom right) 

In short, please click HERE and watch this awesome music video.
It's totally family friendly.
Oh, and share it with your friends, too.  I'll explain more below if you want to read.

In's the story behind it.

The family that made this video is some of our best friends back where we used to live.
Their son and Amarin are like two peas in a pod.
And Jacob and Amarin stayed with them for 2 weeks when we went to China to get Jenna.
They are a sweet, sweet family, and just love the Lord.

Caleb, the dad, is a very talented videographer...I think that's the right term.
He has put together family movies based on Bible stories, and novels.
When our boys stayed with them, they all worked together to write a script, and turned it into a fun, short film, complete with animation, costumes, etc.

Caleb recently entered a video in a contest by Andrew Peterson, based on his new song, Rest Easy.
The winner of this contest will win a cash award, as well as have his video used as the official song video.
Caleb's video made it to the top 10!

Now the voting begins by simply watching the video.
Ultimately, Andrew Peterson will choose the winner, but the voting will count, too.

So please take a moment to view this video, and then you can share the link on FB, blogs, or whatever other way you would like.  It is very well done and so fun to watch our friends!

Leave me a note and tell me what you think.  I know there are lots of you out there from lots of different countries that lurk without leaving messages!

PS.  As you watch it, pay attention to the video that the kids are watching while lying on the floor.  The two sword fighters...those are my boys in the video that they made while staying there!

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Julie said...

Briefly popping out ouf lurkdom to let you know that I voted. I loved the video clip.

Julie (in Australia)